Eid al-Adha Prayer 2018

EID al -Adha Prayer in Cambridge will take place on Tuesday 21 August at following places:

EID Prayers At Abu Bakr Masjid (1A, Mawson Road, Cambridge CB1 2DZ)
1) Early Morning at 7.00 am 
2) Second Paryer at 7.45 am

3) Third Prayer at 8.30 am
4) Fourth Prayer at 9.15 am
5) Fourth Prayer at 10.00 am

Eid Prayer Masjid Al Ikhlas will be at Petersfield open ground
Early Morning Prayer at 8.00 am on Petersfield Common, Opposite the Swimming Pool.
(Town end of Mill Road by the Traffic Lights) https://www.cambridge.gov.uk/petersfield
Please bring your prayer mats, Prayers will be held in the open

Eid Prayers at Omar Farouque Masjid (Kirkwood Rd, Cambridge, CB4 2PF)
First Paryer at 9.30 am
Second Prayer at 10.30 am

Please come in wudu. Please park your car at nearby car parks to avoid any traffic and congestion.

Parking Information:

Parking Map